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Pure Africa Products Marula Tree
Ingredient Commitment

Our raw products are sourced directly from it's source in it's natural environment. The manufacturing of the creams from the butters and trees produce is 100% holistic and organic. More than this, we also participate in a cares program, which you can learn more about here.

The Marula Tree


Not many species can pride themselves with living in sun drenched conditions as the maroela does.

They enjoy the most temperate conditions of the warm coastal belt of the East African coast following the valley known in South Africa as the lowveld.

It is only here that the tree can be found. Like so many plants in Africa man has not been able to farm it for profit. During the fruiting season the fruit is in abundance, in fact so much is produced that the wild animals cannot consume it all!

The tree withstands mild winters and extremely hot  summers. The maroela tree sure get's a lot of sun! Converting the energy of the relentless sun the tree produces a fruit the size of a plum. This happens during autumn and is cherished by both animals and man. The Zulu and Swati cultures celebrate the maroela festival annually where everone bring their maroela brewed beer and is revered by all.

What makes the fruit so special, is that it is a great moisturizer, especially for dry skin, and after use leaves the skin soft, prevents stretch marks, and helps to improve skin quality which fights acne. 

Shea Butter


Another icon hailing from Africa is the shea butter tree, similar in appearance to the maroela tree. It produces copious amounts of butter.

This butter plays an important part part in many different African cultures, who consider the butter sacred. 

Shea butter increases the moisture of the skin because of the many fatty acids it contains. In addition to this, it has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin, as well as helping to prevent acne. 

Pure Africa Products Shea Butter
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